ACES 2026 Compete in the United States Basketball Association Nationals in Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta Aces Class of 2026 took their team to the Georgia International Convention Center and competed in the USBA 2020 National Championships in Atlanta, GA. In unprecedented times this team pulled together and competed with some of the nations top talent. In the 6th grade division 19 teams from areas such as Louisiana, North Carolina, Memphis, TN, and Florida came together to play in a facility that was packed full of highly competitive ballers. The Aces went 2-2 overall, then in bracket play took a four point loss to the North Carolina Shine Hoop Grinders. The Aces showed they have the skill and talent to compete with anyone. This group of boys, who are coached by Aces Director Kwame James, along with Assistant Coach Wesley Thomason never back down from a challenge. They play hard with high energy, enthusiasm, and 100% effort. This team is exciting to watch and will continue to be as these boys focus on development in every area of the game. Great job Aces, arrows up!

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